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      Strategic Partnerships

      September 16, 2013

      Data Analytics Practice??

      Spear continues to?invest in an ever-growing data analytics practice.? With market conditions changing and demands increasing, it is essential to identify ways for federal agencies and decision makers to attain and assess more information in an efficient, cost-effective manner.? Spear is thrilled to?partner with Splunk Inc., the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, to offer Splunk? software to meet these increasing requirements.

      With government mandates and increasing compliance needs, federal agencies are required to track massive amounts of data and utilize this information effectively without an increased budget.? New open data policies require agencies to generate information in uniform, machine-readable formats.? Agencies must then manipulate this data to produce actionable insights to increase productivity, meet compliance mandates and make informed decisions.? Spear consultants and engineers?offer Splunk? Enterprise, a powerful, agile and easy to use solution to meet these demands, allowing federal decision makers to access and utilize machine-generated data while being restricted by ever-tightening budget requirements.


      Cyber Security Practice

      Spear is actively growing a cutting-edge cyber security practice.? Offering cyber security solutions, Spear handles our customer’s cyber policy needs related to information assurance and identity management.? Through a strong and growing partnership with Palo Alto Networks, Spear is able to assist our Federal customers in meeting all data needs to meet any and all security and compliance requirements.