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      IT and Business Executives Join Forces to Launch New Small Business – Spear, Inc.

      Spear, Inc. offers professional solutions and expertise in information technology to the federal government

      WASHINGTON, DC (April 16, 2012) – Three veterans of the IT business formally announced?their new venture – Spear, Inc. – and the launch of the company’s website today. The?company’s three founders, Richard Y. Pineda, Noel N. Samuel, and Gino Antonelli, established?Spear in February 2012 because they recognized the need for a cost-effective small business?that also brings extensive industry experience and expertise to bear for federal agencies.

      Spear provides professional IT solutions, consulting and business process outsourcing for?federal government clients and business partners. Spear understands the ongoing challenges?the current fiscal environment poses to agencies, and the company is focused on developing?solutions that deliver performance with innovative and effective results.

      “The concept for Spear was borne from many conversations among Noel, Gino and I about our shared drive to always perform at the highest level and deliver on all commitments made to clients and especially our people,” said Pineda. “Having worked together for decades, I knew we could build a corporate culture focused on winning, servicing our clients, and attracting top talent.”

      Spear’s clients have direct access to the three founders who collectively have more than 60 years of technical and business experience in providing IT and consulting solutions to the federal government. Pineda, Chief Executive Officer, was President of the federal services division at a Fortune 50 computer manufacturing company. Antonelli, Chief Operations Officer, served as Executive Vice President of a top federal IT contractor prior to founding Spear. Samuel, Chief Financial Officer, also comes from a Fortune 50 computer manufacturing company, where he was the CFO for the company’s federal, education, state- and local-government business units.

      About Spear, Inc.

      Spear was purpose built by its founders to deliver excellence in IT solutions and professional staffing services for its business partners and federal agency clients. The company’s performance-driven approach reflects the agility, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its business and the extensive industry experience of its founders. Spear is committed to delivering?results and value in support of its clients’ missions.?For more information on Spear, please visit?www.huangzhang.net.cn.