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      Why Work for Spear

      First,?we are employee-owned.? All the hard work we put in is returned to us in the form of increased value of the company and an increase in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) share value.

      Second,?we are growing and have been for more than 30 years. Our future is a bright one.

      Third,?we have great benefits that include flex time and a host of special programs and opportunities that ensure we take care of ourselves, our families, and our communities.

      Fourth,?we do interesting, challenging work that creates enduring solutions that make a real difference to our clients.

      Fifth,?we are a team of talented people that work towards one goal… the success of our clients.

      SPEAR knows that quality people don’t happen by accident.? We

      • Recruit the best qualified staff we can find in today’s market;
      • Retain the highest quality staff through a performance-based rewards system and supportive corporate culture; and
      • Sustain the best staff through continued skill development, professional certification, and education to meet the demands of a complex and rapidly changing business environment.
      • At SPEAR, you will work and learn amongst the best and brightest.

      Compensation & Benefits Information

      Competitive pay

      We understand that our people are our most valuable asset, so we continually review our recruitment, retention, and reward policy to make sure it is the best we can offer. Spear’s compensation packages are determined by comprehensive market surveys that consider location, knowledge, education, discipline, years of experience and level.


      Spear’s benefits program was designed to provide Spearmates?with a coverage package that meets all of their needs, including:

      • Medical
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Life Insurance
      • Short Term and Long Term Disability
      • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

      Time off the Job

      We also understand the importance of balancing your career with a rewarding lifestyle, and we offer our full-time teammates a competitive time-off policy to help achieve that balance, including:

      • Paid Time-Off (Vacation, Personal, Sick Leave)
      • Federal Holidays
      • Jury Duty
      • Bereavement

      401(k) Retirement Plan

      Spear offers a 401(k) plan so our teammates can invest in their futures, while receiving immediate tax advantages. Full-time teammates at most locations are eligible for our 401(k) plan, and most are also eligible for our employer-matching program. Restrictions and limitations may apply. Note: New teammates can roll over other employers’ qualified plans into their Spear 401(k) plan.

      Other Benefits

      Spear constantly seeks many opportunities to reward our teammates. Spear also offers our teammates:

      • Spearmate Referral Program
      • Education Reimbursement
      • “Tip of the Spear” Awards Recognition Program

      Join Us

      If you are a seasoned government executive seeking a career in the government contracting community, a technical subject matter expert exploring innovative ways to service federal clients, or a recent graduate, Spear has the right career track for you.

      We are currently recruiting for a number of Spearmates. New and lasting careers at Spear exist for:

      • Referrals from a current Spear teammate
      • Experienced professionals
      • Cleared professionals
      • Former military and civilian government personnel
      • New graduates and internship-eligible college students

      Please visit our?Career Center?to submit your application for one of our openings!?Don’t see a fit? We are always looking for bright and hardworking Spearmates! Please let us know why you would be a great asset to the Spear team by sending a cover letter and resume to careers@spear-inc.net.

      For additional questions regarding a career at Spear, please email us at careers@spear-inc.net


      Spear, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability or protected veteran status.