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      Our Mission

      SPEAR, A CALIBRE Company was built by our founders to deliver the highest level of professional solutions to the federal government and be a trusted advisor to our clients. We are committed to delivering results and value in support of our clients’ missions and to pursuing excellence in every aspect of our performance in order to exceed expectations. Our approach will reflect the agility, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our business and be backed by the extensive industry experience of our founders. Spear’s most valuable asset is our people, for whom we will provide a culture that fosters creativity, professional growth, and provides tremendous opportunity throughout the course of a career with us.

      Our Values

      SPEAR, A CALIBRE Company was born from the collective entrepreneurial spirit of our founders and the shared vision of a company dedicated to delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients and fostering a corporate culture that attracts the best?to build a career with us.

      Together, we are committed to:

      • Stewardship

        We are honored to support the U.S. government and are dedicated to our clients’ missions and our nation. We will always act as responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our clients. We are committed to the communities where we live and work. Therefore, we will responsibly operate our company to preserve its growth and legacy.

      • Performance

        We are performance driven. Spear aspires to achieve excellence and deliver value in everything we do in support of our clients, partners and people, as well as in the operation of our company.

      • Accountability

        We are trusted advisors to our clients, and we achieve that by providing excellent quality work and ensuring the ethically sound and financially responsible performance of our services. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on all of our commitments to our clients and our team.

      • Teamwork

        Spear was founded with a focus on the people who comprise our clients, our business partners, and our team. We know that our people are our greatest asset, and we provide our clients with teams that draw upon our collective strength, knowledge and experience.

      • Results

        Our foremost objective is to deliver results in support of our clients’ missions and national priorities. We embrace the opportunity to take on today’s diverse challenges and provide solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.